SCECSAL does not have a permanent secretariat. The Secretariat rotates among its member associations, and is usually held for a period of two years. This is in line with Article 7, Section 7.1 of the SCECSAL Constitution which states that:

  • The Standing Conference Secretariat shall be held and managed by member associations on a rotational basis and the term of office shall commence immediately the member association is confirmed as the host of the next Standing Conference meeting, and shall cease at the end of the General Assembly at which the next host shall be nominated.

The contact address for the current Secretariat, up to SCECSAL XXIII Conference, to be held in 2018 in Uganda, is:

The General-Secretary
Uganda Library and Information Association
P.O. Box 5894
Kampala, UGANDA
Tel: +256 - 772- 488937 / +256 - 782- 617623 / +256 - 782- 422047
Web Site:

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